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Sometimes You Have to Fight for What's Fair

Sometimes a death can take the whole family by surprise. When that happens before a will has been drafted, or if the existing will is outdated or unclear, it is sometimes necessary for heirs to go to court and contest the disposition of the estate. The parties to these lawsuits are often siblings or other close relatives, which adds an additional element of stress to the situation.

We understand the emotions can run high and as a Rhode Island probate attorney, we are committed to getting you through the process as gracefully as possible.

An Experienced Litigator

When a parent or spouse dies without a will, or with an older, obsolete set of instructions for the division of the estate, the confusion this leaves behind can drive a wedge right through the middle of a family. In order to protect your rights as an heir, or just to carry out your departed loved one's final wishes, it may be necessary to retain a Rhode Island probate lawyer and ask the court to step in to settle the dispute you're having.

We have the experience to know when a will is valid and when it isn't. In the state of Rhode Island, there are several reasons why a will might be successfully challenged in probate court. These include:

  • Fraud or forgery: We can help you gather the evidence for this to present to the court.
  • Undue influence: Elderly and vulnerable people can be influenced far more easily than younger, healthier people who can look out for themselves. If you suspect that an older loved one has been talked into signing a will he or she didn't really agree with, you may have a case to contest it.
  • Duress: Nobody has the right to intimidate a person into changing a will. If you suspect this has happened, or that it is happening, we can help you investigate and challenge the validity of a will signed under duress or threat.
  • Diminished capacity: People who are not of sound mind are not recognized by the law as consenting parties to a legal arrangement. When an adult with some impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease or brain injury, can be shown to have been impaired, the will may be successfully challenged.

Kara Hoopis Manosh is an experienced Rhode Island litigator who has spent more than a decade fighting on behalf of Rhode Islanders in various courthouses throughout the State. Get in touch today to learn more about how she can help you contest a will you suspect may be invalid.

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